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Bella's Band - Alina K. Field

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Major Steven Beauverde’s older brother was murdered and now he has to take the mantle of Earl of Hackwell. However, he hears rumors of a bastard son, so he starts a dual investigation: find out the real circumstances surrounding his brother’s death and find the child, if there is one. Because there is no way he wants to be saddled with the title if he can help it. Along the way he stumbles across Annabelle Harris and her wards, two-year-old Robby and nine-year-old Thomas. He suspects she’s deeply involved with the subjects he’s investigating, but he’s not sure how. Finding out will be a pleasurable pastime since he’s got the hots for her. And if he’s not mistaken, she for him.


He’s not mistaken. She lusts after him even though he’s dangerous to her way of life and her secrets. But there’s not much time for hanky panky because there’s a murderer on the loose and everyone is in danger. I’m not a big fan of Steven myself, but I’m not going to be the one leg shackled to him, so whatever floats Annabelle’s boat. I do love Annabelle for most of the book. She’s strong, independent, courageous, quick thinking, and not afraid to do what she wants. Being wealthy helps even if she doesn’t have a title. She does do a couple of very stupid things that make me want to slap her, but for the most part I really like her. Steven is just meh to me. I’m not sure why. It’s as if I couldn’t really get to know him or connect with the character or something. Side characters are interesting and worthy additions to the tapestry. And I do love a bit of danger. What brought this book down for me was the beginning is very confusing. For quite some time I couldn’t figure out who was who or what the hell was going on, but then it settles down into a more stable story telling. All-in-all an entertaining read once you get past the confusing beginning.

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5 Stars
This is the end, my friends...
Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave - Darynda Jones

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Charley Davidson broke the only rule she was supposed to follow and God (yes, Him) flicked her like a bug into a Hell dimension as punishment. Ok, maybe he didn’t actually flick her. He may have whisked her. Or scooted? Anyway, after 100+ years of exile she’s back and she’s not sure what she’s missed more: Reyes, her daughter, her friends or coffee. But just because she’s been gone doesn’t mean shit hasn’t hit the fan and now she has to roll up her sleeves, assuming she has sleeves, and get to work.


I finished this epic final installment of an even bigger epic series and all I could hear is the Doors playing The End. That was a stupid ringtone I picked for my phone, but anyway, I’m sad to say it is The End for Charley’s adventures. However, I left the last page behind with hope in my heart that there will, at some point, be a book/trilogy/series featuring the ever adorable Beep and her army facing off with Lucifer.


I laughed, I cried, I snorted, I drooled, so it was a typical Charley book in that respect. But I was also floored by a certain revelation. Woo doggie! I totally did not see that coming. And that thing, at the end? I never would have thought of that! So, goodbye for now, my friends. I hope to see you again soon in another dimension. Or installment. Or whatever. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally going to re-read this entire series and soon, so get some cookies and put on the tea!

4 Stars
Review ~ YA | Mystery | Paranormal
The Other Side of Elsewhere - Brett  McKay

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


It’s the summer of 1982 and 12-yr-old Ret McCoy is happy. After moving around a lot his family has been in Riverton, Utah for three years. He and his friends, Gary and Jax, are nearly inseparable. They were spending their summer vacation riding bikes and just hanging out when they accept a dare by an older kid to spend the night in the Crooked House, a long abandoned house that everyone believed was haunted. Everything changed after that night. When people start disappearing, Ret seems to be the only one seeing the extreme weirdness going on, but he can’t make the adults believe him. That’s when he takes matters into his own hands. In the words of the Lost in Space robot: Danger, Will Robinson, danger!


Ret is 12 so this is kinda on the cusp of Middle Grade and Young Adult. It’s a little hard to believe that the adults can’t see what’s going on, because really, it’s very weird, but it’s always easier to consider any type of explanation over a supernatural one. The adults do a lot of rationalizing, but that’s expected. The kids do a lot of sneaky things that give me nightmares. LOL The supernatural part is pretty cool though for some reason it just doesn’t gel perfectly for me. I guess because there’s no real explanation about how it all gets started and the reason why. Okay, so there is mention of a Big Bad, but I have no idea how it all fits in. The supernatural stuff mostly starts off page and we’re dropped into it, so I guess I just want to know exactly how the new owner of the Crooked House fits into it all. All-in-all though this is a great spooky, and at times kinda scary, paranormal YA mystery.

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AVR Weekly News ~ 276th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 276th Edition


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My oldest spawn finds the funniest stuff on the internet.


Two books done. Yay! Now, two book reviews to write.

*lays down the boogie and plays that funky music til I die*

Because avoidance.



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AVR Weekly News ~ 275th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 275th Edition

The one where we get a new furbaby.


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3.5 Stars
Review ~ Anthology | Holiday
Tangled Lights and Silent Nights - Claude Bouchard, Michael Meyerhofer, Gail Cleare, Ciara Ballintyne, Erica Lucke Dean, Kelly Stone Gamble, Brenda Vicars, C. Streetlights, Nicole Evelina, Kate Birdsall, Victor Catano, Reece Taylor, Diane Byington

3.5 (average)


Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


In the spirit of giving, the authors have generously opted to donate all profits to The LifeAfter—Visions of Hope Project, whose passion is to shatter the stigma and spread awareness to three taboo topics that underscore society today: Suicide, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence.


Mystery, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary - there’s something for everyone in this Christmas-themed collection. Some are connected to a series, others are independent. What they all have in common (besides Christmas) is that they are all pretty good. I've read a few of these authors and while I enjoyed visiting with them again, I think what I enjoyed most is trying out all the others who are new-to-me. Looks like I'm adding more authors to my never-ending list and that's never a bad thing.


The Moment I Knew I Would Love Ethan Forever ~ Brenda Vicars (4 bites)


Yuletide Homicide: A Liz Boyle Short ~ Kate Birdsall (4 bites)


A Crazy Christmas (Cass Adams, #0.5) ~ Kelly Stone Gamble (5 bites) The ending to this one made me LOLOL and then LOL some more. Because I read Book 1. ;)


Rowans’ Gift (A Dragonkin story) ~ Michael Meyerhofer (3 bites)


A Merry Mugging (A Vigilante Series Short) ~ Claude Bouchard (3 bites)


A Vanderbilt Christmas ~ Nicola Evelina (3 bites)


Another Bloody Festival ~ Ciara Ballintyne (2 bites)


Holiday in Hartland ~ Gail Cleare (3 bites)


Some Carry-tail: A Gabriel & Orson Christmas ~ Victor Catano (4 bites)


A Twin Oaks Christmas ~ Reece Taylor (3 bites)


The Christmas Jacket ~ Diane Byington (4 bites)


A Muse-ing Christmas ~ Kelley Kaye (4 bites)


Building Cairns ~ Darren Leo (4 bites and a nibble)


A Katie Christmas ~ Erica Lucke Dean (4 bites)


Convergence ~ Stacey Roberts (4 bites)


Caesar’s Gift ~ LeTeisha Newton (3 bites)


A Gift for Momma ~ Debbie S. TenBrink (4 bites)


Literally Christmas ~ C. Streetlights (3 bites)


Father Christmas ~ Timothy Woodward (4 bites)


And Mercy Mild ~ Justin Bog (2 bites and a nibble)

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So, I decided to come back to BookLikes full-time this year and...

I've completely forgotten how to do anything on here in regards to books - adding, reviewing, everything. LOL Time to go back to school...

Reading Changes

Reading Changes


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2018 Book RoundUp

2018 Book RoundUp


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2018 Year End Wrap Up

2018 Year End Wrap Up


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AVR Weekly News ~ 274th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 274th Edition



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AVR Weekly News ~ 273rd Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 273rd Edition


Merry Christmas!!


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AVR Weekly News ~ 272nd Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 272nd Edition


The one with all the snow! A fuckton of snow. For NC anyway. lol


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