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AVR Weekly News ~ 300th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 300th Edition

The One With My 300th Sunday Post! 



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Friday Featured Spotlight

Friday Featured Spotlight where I've gathered ALL the posts from the freakishly massive Ultimate Blog Tour put on by The Write Reads and featuring Ben Galley's books. 140 signed up and I believe 115 actually followed through.





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AVR Weekly News ~ 299th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 299th Edition

The One Where The Year Is Half Over!


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1st Chapter Thoughts

Today I share my 1st Chapter thoughts about Chasing Graves by Ben Galley for The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour. Hint: Intriguing!


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Today I'm sharing a spotlight on the Ben Galley Ultimate Blog Tour hosted by The Write Reads. 4 books, 140 bloggers, 8 days, it's a massive blog tour you don't want to miss!


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Link to the downloadable Crowdsourced! list


Themis-Athena has been working extremely hard on the google sheet, which now has 665 books on it. I believe that it is up to date except for Elentarri's list posted today.


You can view the google document here.


I am also hard at work on the BL list, and I am adding alphabetically. I expect to finish updating this week.


I think that we will be at around 750 books, which puts us spitting distance from 1001. What do you say? Should we aim for the greatest crowdsourced list of 1001 books that has ever been created for anyone's reading pleasure? I'm sure I can come up with some more!


There are so many great books on this list, and I'm so excited about how it has come together. There is mystery, there is horror, there is a lot of really compelling fantasy and non-fiction and even some kidlit & YA. 


This has been such a fun project!

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4 Stars
Review ~ Great read!
Bloodrush (The Scarlet Star Trilogy Book 1) - Ben Galley

Book source ~ Tour. My review is voluntary and honest.


When 13-year-old Tonmerion Hark’s father, Prime Lord Hark, is murdered on their front steps Merion is sent to live with his last living relative, his aunt Lilain. The problem for Merion is that she doesn’t live in London. Or even in the Empire of Britannia. She lives across the Iron Ocean in the wilds of America, the New Kingdom. But not in one of the bustling cities. Oh, no. Poor privileged Merion has to trek all the way out to Wyoming and live in Fell Falls, the latest settlement at the current end of the Serped Railroad Company’s railroad line. But at least he wouldn’t be going alone. Traveling with him is his best friend, Rhin. Except no one knows about Rhin, being that he’s a faerie and all. Let the adventure begin!


Ben Galley has created one hell of a world in Bloodrush! This is fantasy at its finest. The writing flows so easily and the world is so creative! I mean, who would think that Wild West meets Fantasy would be such an interesting combination? I love everything about this tale. Except Merion. Okay, okay, I know he’s a 13-yr-old boy who is used to a life of privilege, but the way he reacts to everything and his attitude in general still gets on my last nerve quite a lot. But really, that’s just me. I can step back and tell you that he acts just right for his setting. But he still pisses me off and I can’t help it. To make any book a delicious meal for this reader, I need to at least like a main character (more than I do Merion - way more). But this is told from several POVs so it’s not like I’m stuck in Merion’s head all the time. There are other great characters to hop around in. And there’s the mystery of Prime Lord Hark’s murder. Not to mention the dangers way out there in Wyoming. And don’t get me started on the Hark family secret. Oh, boy! It’s a damn good one and nothing I’ve read about in any book, which is saying something. There is one hell of a good story here, make no mistake. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good yarn.

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AVR Weekly News ~ 298th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 298th Edition


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4.5 Stars
Review ~ Awesome!
Storm Cursed - Patricia Briggs

Book source ~ Library


Mercy Thompson is a mechanic, but she’s also a whole lot more. As a coyote shifter she has some problems fitting in with the Columbia Basin werewolf pack. Normally, she wouldn’t give a fig about the pack, but ever since she married their Alpha, Adam Hauptman, she kinda has to deal with them. And now she’s dealing with a situation that she brought upon herself and the pack and that’s being the go-between for the humans and the Gray Lords of the Fae. Mercy doesn’t try to make her life more complicated. These things just seem to happen.


I love this series. I really do. And while I love this installment in it, it just seems to be a bit much this time. I’m not sure why I feel that way because the book has everything I love about the entire series: paranormal shenanigans, steaminess, humor, my favorite characters, danger, mystery, and a decent plot. Ok, maybe it’s the plot. It feels off. Maybe because the last book had Mercy kidnapped and carried off to Europe. It seems like the thing on the bridge with the troll happened forever ago and I guess what I really need is a series refresher. I do hope the Fae storyline gets some more attention because I think that’s what it needs. They really only end up as a subplot of this book because there’s some new Big Bads in town and they are not Fae. Hint: there’s some adorable zombies involved. If I had to guess, this book is setting up a big Fae/human showdown which should prove very complicated and interesting. I do still love this series and can’t wait for the next story.

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Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
April's Fool (Sam Cable #1) - Scott Bell

I'm getting tired of reporting James Scott Bell's books. The author is SCOTT BELL! This is the 4th book I've reported. What the fuck is BookLikes doing besides not fixing this shit? GGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!

3 Stars
Review ~ Great concept
Coil - Ren Warom

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


There’s a twisted serial killer on the loose in the Spires. City Officer Stark needs the best mortician he can get and that’s Bone Adams. Except Bone is not part of his jurisdiction, so Stark has to find a way to get Bone in on the case before more bodies pile up. Once he accomplishes that, they are off and running, but it seems like the serial killer they’ve named Rope, is always steps ahead of them. In the course of trying to find Rope, Stark finds out more than he could possible believe, about his city, his old friend Burneo, and about Bone. What is seen and known, cannot be unseen or unknown.


Set in the distant future, this is one twisted and dark Sci-Fi story. I wish I could say that I came away from it with that deep euphoria one gets after finishing a really good book, but I can’t. I was confused for most of it and the writing just isn’t my style. It seems like everything is a simile or metaphor. I have nothing against these things when used judiciously, but when I can’t read more than a page or two before the entire thing becomes entire passages of symbolism…well, it just gets tiresome. For me anyway. And that ending? Totally didn’t get it and I feel like I missed something huge. There is a lot that I did like: the descriptions of the city and the people are fascinating. Stark and several other characters are pretty good, but I couldn't get a handle on Bone. I thought I'd love him, but I didn't. Rope is terrifying. What I brought away from this is the future is pretty damn bleak. I hope we can avoid that particular path.

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AVR Weekly News ~ 297th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~297th Edition


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4.5 Stars
Review ~ Great read!
Missing Daughter, Shattered Family - Liz Strange

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Toronto native David Lloyd’s assault by fellow officers because he is gay was brutal, but he couldn’t prove in a court of law that it was them since he never saw their faces. The far reaching effects of his injuries resulted in his being unable to keep his job. The department gave him a settlement and a pension and turned a blind eye to criminals in their midst. So David opened a private investigation agency and moved on with his life. Mostly. When a woman hires him to find her daughter, the more he digs into the case, he realizes he’s not really put that incident behind him. Everything about this case bugs David and now his personal life is coming to a head, too. The question isn’t just will he find the woman, but will he and his longtime partner also survive the fallout.


This book made a solid grab for me at the beginning and kept hold until the end. The case involving missing Stella Barrowman is far from straightforward. Oh, no, it’s so much more than a troubled drug addicted woman taking off yet again. David’s investigation of her life is the center of the book, as it should be, but there is a sub-story about David and his partner Jamie that will pull your heartstrings. A great story, a twisty investigation, and wonderful characters. What more could a reader ask for?

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4 Stars
Review ~ Decent read
The Walking Dead Book Fifteen - Robert Kirkman

Book source ~ Library


Recent events have thrown Alexandria into turmoil, and now Rick, Dwight, Eugene and Negan all have something to prove. Meanwhile, a new world order awaits...


Collects THE WALKING DEAD #169-180.


Rebuilding time. And Eugene’s radio friend gives them the go ahead to come meet her community, so Rick sends a delegation. POV changes repeatedly as we follow Alexandria, Hilltop, Negan, Jesus & Aaron, and the delegation.


Oh, yeah. There’s no way this is going to end well. I’m getting so tired of this shit. Maybe I’ll read book 16 when it comes out. We’ll see.

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4.5 Stars
Review ~ Entertaining!
Crochet and Cauldrons (Vampire Knitting Club #3) - Nancy Warren



Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library


Lucy Swift inherited her grandmother’s wool shop in Oxford and even though she can’t knit worth a damn she decides to give running it a try since it means a lot to her grandmother. Yes, I said “means” and not “meant.” You see, her grandmother is now a vampire and even though she’s still adjusting to her new way of life and can’t be seen by anyone she knew before, she still is attached to the shop and her granddaughter. Plus, she needs to teach Lucy how to be a witch. Because that’s also something Lucy didn’t know about before her grandmother died. Let’s not forget the vampire knitting circle and the fact that murders keep happening around Lucy and she feels a need to solve them.


In this installment, Lucy’s parents make an unexpected visit even though they’re right in the middle of an exciting find in their Egyptian archaeological dig. Things are weird though and Lucy is trying to figure out how an Egyptian artifact fits into her life and whether it’s tied to the murder of a graduate student.


I love this cozy mystery series. It has humor, paranormal aspects, great characters, and quirky situations for Lucy to deal with. The vampire knitting circle is just too awesome. I love them! There’s even a possibility of some romance coming up in the future. Exciting! I’m going to continue on with this series in the hopes that Lucy will get better at magic. Because heaven knows she sucks at knitting. LOL


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AVR Weekly News ~ 296th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 296th Edition


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