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4 Stars
Review ~ Awesome!
The Captive (Captive Hearts) - Grace Burrowes

Book source ~ NetGalley


Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, has survived being held captive and tortured during Napolean’s reign. Finally back in his London town home all he wants is to get well enough to exact his revenge on his captors. But he hasn’t been  home long before Gillian, the Countess of Greendale, invades his home and reminds him that he has a daughter in the country who needs her father. He agrees to go, but insists Gillian accompany him. Since she’s a recent widow and has no desire to return to a home filled with unhappy memories, she agrees to his demand. And that’s when it all gets interesting.


This is a very well-written story about dealing with the aftermath of abuse and trusting again. I love Gillian and to an extent I love Christian. I’m probably being picky, but I disliked Christian’s dismissing of Gillian’s concerns, poo pooing them like she’s just a hysterical woman. It’s not something he does overmuch, but it dropped my rating. In any case, despite this slight flaw of Christian’s, this book is still going on a list of my favorite reads of 2019. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a damaged hero.

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AVR Weekly News ~ 317th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 317th Edition


Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!



3 Stars
Review ~ Meh
Past My Defenses (Taming the Pack series) (Entangled Ignite) - Wendy Sparrow

Book source ~ NetGalley


Vanessa is the fastest werewolf in her territory. She’s a bit too dominant for the pack’s comfort, but she tries really hard to be properly submissive around their pack leader, Jordan. Oh, and she has allergies. Lots of them. When she runs across a cat while in wolf form it about kills her. Fortunately, Dane the Park Ranger finds her and tucks her safely in a cage in his basement. When she wakes up in the morning in human form she’s surprised to be alive. And more surprised she’s on a concrete floor in a cage. However, no one is more surprised than Dane who thought he was saving a wolf and ended up with a beautiful naked woman in his cage. What the hell?


While bad shit is going down in their territory, Vanessa scent matches with Dane, a human. This is bad. But not as bad as werewolves disappearing then reappearing in pieces. The plot isn’t horrible and the characters are okay, but the execution just seems to lack. I have to admit that the best part about the story is Vanessa and her allergies. She’s allergic to so much stuff that it should be ridiculous if I didn’t know people who are allergic to so many things that seem innocuous. I got tired of the constant he’s mine/she’s mine crap and how good they smelled to each other. I got it the 1st dozen times. Repetition is not your friend. Overall, it’s an okay story.

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4 Stars
Review ~ Decent collection
Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories - Nancy Christie

Book source ~ NetGalley


There are 18 short stories contained between these covers and not one of them was what I expected. The stories are sad, shocking, surprising and, most times, heart-breaking. They start out one way and end completely different than I expected. By the time I was partway through the collection, I stopped trying to anticipate where the stories were heading and just went with the flow. While each one is a bit bleak for my tastes, there’s no doubt that Nancy Christie has mastered the short story with her wonderful writing and tight plots.


Story titles:

Traveling Left of Center

Alice in Wonderland

The Sugar Bowl

The Shop on the Square

Watching for Billy

The Healer

The Clock

Anything Can Happen

Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Skating on Thin Ice

Still Life

The StoryTeller

Exit Row

Waiting for Sara

Beautiful Dreamer

The Kindness of Strangers


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4 Stars
Review ~ Nom nom nom
Amorous Congress: A Collection of New Victorian Erotica - F. Leonora Solomon

Book source ~ NetGalley


Amorous Congress: A Collection of New Victorian Erotica is an anthology featuring a mouthwatering supply of tasty treats to tempt even the most jaded of palates. I should know. I’m kinda jaded. A little bit. But there’s not much I like more than naughty historical tales with great characters in wonderful worlds doing titillating things to each other. I know, I know, people have been kinky through the ages, but there’s just something about the prim and proper Victorian/Regency folks indulging in erotica that really gets to me. Nom nom nom!


Sense and Sensuality ~ T.G. Haynes ~ Very good


A Good Maid ~ Melina Greenport ~ My favorite


Sauce and Subtlety ~ Kaysee Renee Robichaud ~ Meh


Nancy ~ Charlie Powell ~ This is dark and violent.


Hard Work ~ Charlie Forrest ~ Okay


Hello, Victorian Ladies ~ Dulce Devine ~ This is a cheat. Not historical, just two women dressing in historical clothes for a fundraiser.


The Egg Timer ~ Brenda Clough ~ Nice!


Victorian Greeks ~ Bob Masters ~ Lovely


Caroline’s Escape ~ Catherine Guerrero ~ Whoa. Dark


Lessons ~ Margot North ~ Power play


Out of Mourning ~ Rae McGregor ~ Tugs heart strings


The Hidden Garden ~ Ivy O’Hara ~ Oooohhh…mmm…


Will You? ~ Jillian Boyd ~ Awwww


Works of the Flesh ~ Emmanuelle de Maupassant ~ Naughty!


Spellbound ~ Adrien Clark ~ Oh, a touch of paranormal. Nice!


Afternoon Tea ~ Marie Piper ~ Oh, my.


To Further the Cause of Science ~ Zak Jane Keir ~ Interesting  

1 Stars
Review ~ Terrible
A Vampire's Promise - Carla Susan Smith

Book source ~ NetGalley


Rowan Harper is a human who works in a bookstore. No, this does not redeem her for being so damn stupid. I want to fire her. She shouldn’t be allowed around books. That’s a pleasure and a privilege she doesn’t deserve. What a fucking twat.


Gabriel is a mysterious guy who rolls into Rowan’s life and she lets him. He knows things. He’s hot. He has money. He’s hot. He only comes out only at night. He’s gorgeous. His body has every woman slobbering and dripping from between the thighs. No, seriously. Half the book is about describing how hot Gabriel is and how Rowan just can’t resist him even though he’s a stranger and she knows literally nothing about him. Even after they have sex. Lots and lots of monkey sex. Then he dumps her with no explanation and after three months waltzes right back into her pussy. And THEN…it ends in a massive cliffhanger. Omfg. I hate everything about this book. Needless to say I will not be reading book 2.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/11/a-vampires-promise.html
2.5 Stars
Review ~ Meh
Deeply In You - Sharon Page


Helena Winsome is being blackmailed into spying on the Duke of Greybrooke in order to keep her brother out of debtor’s prison. She has to find proof that he’s a traitor and her brother’s debts will be paid.


I have mixed feelings about this. While the writing is awesome and the characters are great, I think Helena is a bit of a moron. Who lets themselves be coerced into a situation and does zero research? I know I would have done some digging before I let myself be pushed into something. Her family owns a newspaper for fuck’s sake! And her brother? Omg, I would have killed him. Ok, I know this is historical and he’s technically head of the house, but I’d still kick his ass. Period. Also, she’s gutsy and intelligent and lets herself be led around by her pussy. Ugh. Stop.


I don’t particularly like the Duke of Greybrooke either. Guys who think they can get whatever they want because that’s always been so for them piss me off. Arrogance without redemption is a huge turn off for me and I don’t think he changes enough over the course of the book to get in my good Graces. Hehe See what I did there?

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/11/deeply-in-you.html
AVR Weekly News ~ 316th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 316th Edition

The One Where Nipples Have Suddenly Become Weapons of Opportunity


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2 Stars
Review ~ DNF
Hunt the Scorpion: A SEAL Team Six Novel - Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo

DNF @30%


Book source ~ NetGalley


I read Hunt the Wolf, book 1 of SEAL Team Six and gave it a 3. Since I had both that and this book from NetGalley I moved on to this one. Ok, I made it through the sea of testosterone in book 1, but I just can’t do it in this book. The writing itself isn’t too horrible, but the pages of weapons and equipment descriptions are snoozeable. The main character is an alpha male constantly thumping his chest and talking about how awesome he is. It gets old real quick. I love a good military thriller as much as the next reader, but this book is filled with so much dick wagging that I have no desire to slog through any more of it. While it may appeal to many readers, I am not one of them.

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3 Stars
Review ~ So-so
Seal Team Six: Hunt the Wolf - Don Mann

Book source ~ NetGalley


Chief Warrant Officer, Thomas Crocker of SEAL Team Six and his team are on the way for some mountain climbing training in Islamabad when they are given a mission. Intel puts a known terrorist at an address in Karachi, Pakistan. They are to go in, locate, and bring Abu Rasul Zaman out alive.  Except the mission goes sideways and after the smoke clears they’re told Zaman isn’ty one of the bodies left behind. He’s escaped. Mission failure. It eats at Crocker as he and his team are dismissed to go do their climb. When he meets up with a Norwegian diplomat on the mountain things take a turn that’s unexpected and now the clock is ticking. Will Crocker and his men finish the mission after all?


Full of action this is definitely a thrill ride with a side of mystery from beginning to end. However, it lags a bit in spots, it’s a tad repetitive in areas, and if you love descriptions of weapons then you’ll definitely love this story. Because each and every weapon is listed each and every time they gear up. In addition, I am not really a fan of Crocker. He seems to be more than a touch obsessive-compulsive about working out and pushing himself – even to the point of hurting himself. Extreme and more than a little alarming. His personality is also a tiny bit sketchy although he gets the job done, I can say that about him. Eat your heart out, John McClane. There are some POV problems, not many but enough to pull me out of the story. Otherwise, this is an adrenaline-loving, white hat vs black hat, save the girl, tale from beginning to end.

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Audio Blitz and Giveaway!

This looks like a fun series! I started book 1, but have been too busy to really get into it yet. Go check out the Audio Blitz on my book blog and enter the giveaway while you're there!


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4 Stars
Review ~ Entertaining!
Popped Off (Stay at Home Dad Mysteries) - Jeffrey Allen

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Deuce Winters is a stay-at-home dad who inadvertently solved a mystery with the help of a private investigator (see book 1 Stay At Home Dead). Now, it seems he needs the annoying PI again for a case of the missing King of Soccer and $73K of youth soccer association fees. The more Deuce digs the more complicated things get, but he feels he needs to find Moises Huber and the money for the kids’ sakes.


Humorous and twisty this mystery kept me guessing until the end. Lots of colorful characters and amusing situations, but Deuce’s daughter, Carly, takes the spotlight. Adorable! If you like small town stories with humor and a decent mystery then don’t pass up this book or book 1. You won't be sorry!

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/popped-off.html
3.5 Stars
Review ~ Whoa
My Beautiful Suicide - Atty Eve

Book source ~ Blitz. My review is voluntary and honest.


Cosette has had a rough life. Her brother was killed by a texting driver, her parents got divorced and her dad took everything for his new trophy wife, and she’s being bullied at school. At 16 she thinks the answer is suicide, but she doesn’t want to be selfish. So she comes up with the idea to go out and invite a serial killer to do the job for her. Oh, okay.


Cosette’s story started out pretty good. She’s troubled and in pain, but watching her work through the things that happen to her kept me engaged. It’s dark and angsty and a little too convenient at times, but damn. What a ride. And then…the last 20% or so, the entire thing fell apart for me. It goes from being edgy to what-the-fuck to what-the-fuckity-fuck until the grand finale ending is a you-got-to-be-shitting-me moment and not in a good way. Plus, cliffhanger anyone? No. I was all in until about 80%. After that? I’m not entirely sure I want to continue. Maybe someday. Just to see where Cosette ends up as she grows up, but I’m in no rush because honestly? I feel cheated and betrayed by that measly 20%. And in need of some serious cleansing. Because ewwwww. She is nothing like Dexter.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/10/my-beautiful-suicide.html
AVR Weekly News ~ 315th Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 315th Edition



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Friday Featured Spotlight~TWR Blog Tour

All the posts gathered from #TWRBlogTour in one spot.



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The Corpse Wore Stilettos - Eugene O'Neill

This has a very promising start. lol

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