The Curse Merchant - J.P. Sloan

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Dorian Lake has spent the last two years in a fog. Neglecting everything and everyone in his life seems really off to him, but he brushes it aside and attempts to get his life out of neutral. Things have been happening while he’s been lollygagging around and as he starts picking up clients for his hexes and charms again he begins to realize how much he’s missed. Why can’t he remember? When his ex-girlfriend comes to him for help, he does what he can, but he can’t help but wonder what Carmon has gotten him involved in.


I like Dorian. He reminds me a lot of Harry Dresden and Harry is one of my most favorite book characters. However, I do not like his fascination or absorption with Carmon. I do not like her. At all. The book starts off slowly and I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with Dorian. He seems to be missing months and months of memory and not only does it not bother him, he doesn’t try to figure out why until well into the book. I was beginning to think I had missed something and I was on the verge of irritation. However, as he starts to wake up and smell the roses, things really start cooking for him on many burners and with the help of some friends he figures shit out about the last two years.


All-in-all this is a great read about magic (both light and dark) that features a smartass hero, a few shady individuals and some excellent secondary characters. I’d definitely walk in Dorian’s world some more.