When You Make It Home - Claire Ashby

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Meg Michaels breaks off her engagement and then has a fling with a married man, ending up pregnant. Worried about what people will think of her she hides her pregnancy until the day she meets Theo Taylor. Theo, a battle-scarred Army medic finally home after months of rehab, figures out her secret but agrees to keep quiet about it. In the meantime, they develop a friendship that could deepen into something else, but so many obstacles stand in their way, mostly of their own making. Will they overcome or crash and burn?


Not an unusual story in this day and age. A single pregnant woman raises only the eyebrows of the most prudish kind anymore, but 24-yr-old Meg is inordinately concerned with what others think. This leads her to do some pretty stupid things, like hide her pregnancy for nearly four months. I have to be honest. I don’t like Meg at all. She is immature, self-centered and selfish most of the time and her friends and family enable her. She thinks nothing through, acting impulsively with no thought for anyone but herself and sees nothing wrong with her actions. She does treat Theo differently and for the most part I can believe she cares about him. Until she acts like a thoughtless twat then I just want to smack her. Seriously.


Theo is a great character. What he endures and the way he handles it is the best part about this book. Though his leaving really pissed me off I can understand why he did it the way he did. I don’t approve, but I understand. He seems very real to me whereas the other characters are like cardboard cut outs and very much like Meg herself, self-centered and immature.


The writing is excellent and even if I didn’t like most of the characters I did enjoy the journey.

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