The Collector - Kay Jaybee

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A woman, The Collector, gathers sexy, steamy, kinky stories wherever she goes. Bus, train, coffee shop, bar, you name it. Some stories she overhears and some she gets first hand from one or more of the people involved. One thing’s for certain…she’s never bored. This anthology has 21 naughty tales for your reading pleasure. I’m not going to review each one, but I’ll indicate my favorites out of the bunch with a *.


New Territory *


Learning *

Studio Girl *

Sweets ~ I learned in an educational post to never, ever, ever put anything with sugar into a pussy. The sugar can cause a nasty infection.

The Experiment ~ The same thing here. Sugar in pussy=bad. Don’t want to mess with that. Ever.

Car Love

Late Developer


Executive School *

Tequila *

Bad Behavior

The Candle Holder



Crushes *

Break Time *

Cupboard Lust

Dark Knight

Van *