So this morning just as I dropped off the kids at school, Carry On Wayward Son came on the radio. Being the embarrassing mom that I am, I rolled down the window and blared it as I drove away. Why? Because we are Supernatural fans and that song will forever be associated with that show for us.


That got me thinking. There are tons of songs I hear and immediately think of a movie or tv show that's attached to them. But what are some songs that pop into my head when I'm reading? One came to mind right away, but I had to think about others. Then I wondered if I should do a blog post about it which led to the idea about making it a semi-regular feature, like my Monster Porn Monday. I would name it George and I would hug it and pet it and squeeze, no, I mean, I could call it Music Monday.


What say you? Good idea, bad idea, you're indifferent? Would that be something you'd want to link to? I've never done a linky-thing, but I'm sure I could figure it out. Feedback would be appreciated. 


Carry on...