Touched by the Sandman - Beverly Ovalle

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The Sandman visits Alainn at night. He’s supposed to give people a tiny pinch of sand so they have good dreams, but he can’t stop there with her. There’s something about Alainn, he needs to touch her, but he can’t let her touch him or she’ll drain his powers and he’ll be trapped on Earth. But he can’t help himself. He’s compelled to visit her over and over again. He must find a way to bring her to his world without killing her.


Alainn has always been a daydreamer, getting into trouble all of the time because she would have her head in the clouds. But when the erotic dreams start with the shadow man she begins to think she’s going insane. They seem so real! This is a delicious short story about a character I’ve never seen in all the books I’ve ever read: The Sandman. Original and hot, you won’t want to miss this tale. I’d love to read more about Alainn and her Sandman as well as others of his world. Hint, hint. *winks*