Foundation - Ann Aguirre

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Robin Schiller is thirteen when he and his parents go underground in a hermetically sealed tiny bunker to avoid the chemical bomb set off in Times Square. Told it would be a temporary thing until order topside is restored, he is fourteen when all contact with the outside world stops. Finding another boy his age in one of the compartments of his unit of the underground Robin whispers conversations with him daily until everyone in the unit decides they should all meet. Robin’s world is turned upside down yet again, but it’s not the last time that will happen.


My thirteen-yr-old son is a big fan of the Razorland books, so I bought this prequel more for him than for me, but then decided to read it myself. This is a very interesting story even if it is bleak beyond measure. While every change sucks, there is still hope and when Robin meets Austin he decides he can survive anything as long as he has Austin at his side. I had a mild curiosity to read the series before, but now I really must see how the future that appeared so bleak in Foundation really turns out.