Ever Lost (Secret Affinity) (Volume 2) - Melissa MacVicar

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Jade Irving can see ghosts. It’s not a huge problem because they aren’t as prevalent as one might guess, but Jade has already dealt with one nasty ghost and she really doesn’t want to mess with this drippy ghost on her first day at a new high school. She doesn’t mind living with her dad, but being separated from her boyfriend Charlie, who happens to now be her stepbrother, really sucks. And Layton Academy sucks, too. Kira seems ok, but she’s not Jade’s BFF Ally and the hot guy hitting on her is not Charlie. And now there’s a ghost. Just great. How’s she supposed to fit in with Mr. Drippy bugging her all day? The more she digs into the ghost’s past though the more she finds out about stuff she’d rather not know. One thing’s for sure, this new school isn’t going to be nearly as boring as she thought it would be and that’s really not good.


It’s not necessary to read Ever Near in order to read this second book in the series though I would recommend it in order to get the full experience of what Jade went through with the nasty ghost she had to deal with and her growing relationship with Charlie. Jade is a typical teenager when it comes to things like school, friends and making stupid decisions. Yeah, I hate when they do that. I could forgive her the decisions she made in book 1, but now that people in her family know about her ghost problem she should have tried harder to make her dad, at least, understand. And when you have a teacher that is creeping you out with sexual innuendo, you tell someone! You don’t try to handle it yourself! Yeesh!


I love the change in POV in this book because I wasn’t really liking Mateo in the beginning. I kept thinking he was a smarmy dick and he probably usually was, but getting his POV helped understand him better. It took me a bit to warm up to him, but I like him better now. And what the hell is up with Charlie? Ugh! I got a brief glimpse of other new characters, but the only other person that is introduced in any quantity is Noemie. I like her. A lot. I hope she and Jade’s Grandma Irving will be in the next book. I’m assuming there will be a third book since there’s been two already. I know I’ll read it just to see what kind of trouble Jade can get into next, so I can sit here, shake my head and say, “Kids these days!” All-in-all a strong second book in a hopefully long series.

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