The Tempest Murders - P.M. Terrell

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Ryan O’Clery, formerly of Ireland, now working as a Detective for the Lumberton, NC PD, has a serial killer on the loose. During his investigations of three similarly looking women who are murdered in exactly the same way Ryan meets a woman who not only matches the killer’s victim profile, but she’s the woman that Ryan is positive he’s been dreaming about his whole life, the reincarnation of his ancestor’s lost love. As the past and present merge into a huge déjà vu and Hurricane Irene barrels towards North Carolina, Ryan has to build a case against the man his gut says is responsible for the murders, convince Cait that she’s meant for him without sounding loony and keep her safe from the killer before the past repeats itself.


I like to read an occasional mystery, but when this tour dropped in my inbox, I wasn’t feeling particularly mysterish. Then I saw it was set in NC, where I currently live and that it seemed to have a paranormal slant to it. That did it. I decided I was in and I’m glad I did.


Well-written with a great plot and lots of detail, the past and present parallels made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I do have a couple of minor complaints though. The bad guy doesn’t explain anything. No monologue or reason why he did what he did, past or present. I’m left in the dark as to why Ríán was targeted in the past and how the bad guy found Ryan and Cait in the present. Too many unanswered questions. Also, I couldn’t get any real grasp of Cait’s personality and, to be honest, I didn’t like her. At all. I know that doesn’t make sense, but hear me out. I cannot stand women who withhold information and then act all hurt when people get pissed at them. And then, she blamed Ryan for rushing her to bed before she could tell him. Sorry, you twat. You have a mouth and you were with him for hours. Hours! Don’t get on your high horse and teary because he’s now pissed at you. Gah! Ok, I didn’t like her. End of rant. She’s not around all that much in this story anyway, so all-in-all this is a great paranormal mystery that builds the suspense quite nicely.