Diamond Duplicity (Jewels of Desire Book 1) - Erica Lucke Dean, Elise Delacroix

*Book source ~ Won in a giveaway


Lucy Matthews ignores her instincts and goes out on a date with Zack. She should really know by now that Zack’s type is all wrong for her not to mention he can’t get her name right, but she’s determined to have an adventure. Until he tries to sneak her into a club and they come across a diamond heist in progress. Max Callaghan pushes all of Lucy’s buttons and all she can think about is his hot bod taking down the bad guys. When she’s caught red-handed with the sack (of diamonds) Max brings her along against the better judgment of his crew. Lucy is in for an adventure alright. One that may end badly, as in dead.


Suspension of belief is key to enjoying this hot tidbit. A crew of guys taking down another crew during a diamond robbery with no police in sight and then all that hot sex. *fans self* Seriously. Who does it that much in a few short hours and in public, too? Woo doggie! And cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and everything in-between. *winks* The plot is thin, but the sex is hot. I really like the characters, too. All-in-all a yummy quick read that will make you want a Max for yourself.

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