Craving Caine - Erica Lucke Dean, Elise Delacroix

Book source ~ Won in a giveaway


Emily Chambray married in haste to a man she thought she knew despite warnings from her friends. WhenNnicky shows his true colors after the wedding Emily knows she’s needs out. But Nicky has no intention of letting her go. Her last attempt at escape didn’t end well and she knows if she doesn’t succeed this time, she’ll end up dead. When she runs into Xavier Caine she thinks she may have found a knight in shining armor. However, she knows nothing about him. Is she jumping from the frying pan into the fire or is this something else?


Well-written, suspenseful and hot this story kept me on the edge of my seat. I hated Nicky. Icky Nicky I called him in my head. Slimy bastard. I wanted to rip his balls off just for fun. Emily isn’t a bad character. Who hasn’t done something stupid in haste only to repent at leisure? Emily’s is a doozy though. Caine is a hottie, but I’m afraid I didn’t like him much for awhile there. Using people and assumptions are two things I hate and he did both. Plus, there’s a reason you have a gut instinct. Ignoring it is a huge black mark in my book. However, I love the names of Caine’s dogs. lol All-in-all this is a great fast read and the ending? Holy shit! What the hell?!