Stripped Defenseless - Lia Slater

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Ava Lureau has run across the US to get away from her powerful abusive boyfriend. Once training to be a veterinarian, now she’s a stripper looking over her shoulder because even 2000 miles away she doesn’t feel safe.


Kade Gavin was hired to find Ava Lureau and he’s pretty sure he found her. Before dragging her back to Zack Moreno and collecting his big payday he needs to be sure. Hanging out at the strip club, he’s still not positive the stripper named Lily is her, with her different hair and eye colors. When he spends the night with her in his motel room, he begins to doubt whether he’ll be able to complete the job and turn her over. For the first time in years, he’s discovering he still has a heart after all.


A woman on the run, a man hired to find and bring her back, a powerful abusive asshat, all make a pretty decent story. Ava is a bit too naïve for me and she lets Kade off far too easily in my opinion. As far as Kade goes, well, I like him sometimes and not very much at others. His behavior borders on being abusively controlling and that makes him not much better than Zack in my mind. I felt he had no respect for Ava and she let him have his way with her even after he betrayed her. Plus, he lied to her, didn’t explain anything to her and didn’t seem very sorry about it. Yet, there were times when I liked him. He almost seemed bipolar in personality. Anyway, the secondary characters are passable and though the ending seems farfetched, all-in-all I found this story to be an ok read.