Small Favor - Jim Butcher

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Wizard Harry Dresden is out doing work for his other job, as a private detective, when he gets stuck in one helluva snow storm. To much snow, too fast and before he knows it Queen Mab, Faerie Queen of the Winter Court, is standing before him with a demand he make good on one of the favors he owes her. Mobster extraordinaire, Gentleman Johnny Marcone is missing and Mab wants Harry to find and protect him. Ok, find a mob boss. Harry’s an excellent PI. How hard could this be? Oh, Harry. Seriously?


Guest reviewers:

A ~ my 16-yr-old daughter

T ~ my 15-yr-old son

K ~ my 13-yr-old son


Yep, still loving the series. Humor, magic, mystery, great characters; what’s not to love? As always the big finale is hit with everyone though one of our favorite characters gets seriously injured. The plot is twisty and tricky and involves the Courts of Faerie. The hated Denarians are back and causing trouble, too. Man, we really hate them.  But that means the Knights of the Cross are in this book. Yay for Michael and Sanya! Along with Thomas, Murphy, Marcone and Mouse there are some more favorites back: Kincaid, The Archive, Ms. Gard, Hendricks and Capt. Luccio. New baddies are some denizens of the Summer Court, the Billy Goats Gruff. Yowzers. Add in a battle, helicopter, Ride of the Valkyries, weapons, magic and a cool island and you pretty much have all the excitement you can handle. T does want it recorded for all time that he no longer likes Murphy due to a decision she made at the end that I will not reveal so as not to spoil. A & K don’t agree and still like Murphy. T also said he didn’t like what Harry was saying at the end of the book until the janitor walked into the chapel.


Favorite quotes:


“’Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut?’

‘Nay, but prithee, with sprinkles ‘pon it instead,’ I said solemnly, ‘ and frosting of white.’”


“’You rush a miracle worker, you get lousy miracles!’”


“’Ha-ha! Ah-hahahahaha! I am wizard; hear me roar!’”


“’Tiny,’ Sanya rumbled to Michael, clenching a demonstrative fist. ‘But fierce.’” ~ talking about Murphy