Dilemma 1: So, I've been blogging nearly 3 years. I have reviewed 536 books on my blog in that time. Do I start transferring some of those reviews here? Or let sleeping dogs lie? Obviously, since I've been on here for months now, many of those reviews are already here. I did not count to see how many, but probably a couple hunnert.


Dilemma 2: I'm finding myself adding or changing shelves, trying to better organize them. Not a huge problem here yet considering I only have 482 books on shelves. But on Goodreads where I have 5700 books...yeah, quite a problem especially since I was there a YEAR before I realized I could create my own shelves. D'oh! I have a chance here, over there, not so much. Plus, I have a home library of over 14,000 books. Yes, you read that correctly. I do not even have all of my books in our database yet, but trust me there are way more than 14,000. Add in another 4,200 or so ebooks on Stargate and Portal and well...you get the idea. So, I have the opportunity here to get my shelves the way I want them. The big dilemma is HOW to shelve my books. I'm still debating that one. My husband is the logical one. Maybe I should ask him how he'd do it. Then do it the opposite way. :D


Dilemma 3: It's raining and I need to go to the library. That means getting out of my jammies and then getting wet in the rain, driving in the rain, getting wet again, walking in A/C while wet, then wet again, driving back in the rain then again with the wetness. But I have books that need to go back and some to pick up. Dammit.


Anyway...that's my day. How's yours?