Simon:Le Beau Brothers: Billionaire Shifter with BBW mates Series (Le Beau Series) (Volume 2) - V A Dold

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Wolf shifter Simon Le Beau has spent fours years in the Marines and the cost to his shifter side is tremendous. Denied the touch shifters need to stay healthy mentally he has become stuck in his wolf form. If he can’t find a way to heal he may never be able to shift to human again. And human he needs to be when he meets his mate, Rose O’Leary. He has to get healthy because a shifter only has one mate and he needs to convince Rose that she’s his. No matter how much he wags his tail he’s pretty sure she won’t buy into it while he’s furry. To complicate his life there appears to be an insane shifter after Rose. Get healthy, convince Rose, stop an insane shifter. A checklist that’s completely doable for a Marine.


While the basic plot of this story is great and the characters are wonderful it does have its flaws. The time Simon spends in the Marines is pure civilian fiction. It’s obvious no research was done in regards to the subject, so the first two chapters are, to be brutally honest, crap. To those unfamiliar with the military, the Marines in particular, then you won’t notice the problems. Those of us connected to the Marines in any way will find them painful to read. Simon’s ability and the fact he’s a shifter with particular needs are the only shining stars in this section.


Once Simon gets home I breathed easier. Out of the Marines and back into civilian life it becomes a story I can enjoy. It still has some flaws, but they are bearable. The POVs change too abruptly and too often for a smooth read, but it’s a minor problem. The story also moves very quickly with the characters having little time to develop rich and deep personalities. Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters, but they could have used a little extra love.


This is book 2 in the series, but I had no sense that I was missing any plot points or anything by not reading book 1 which was about Cade and Anna. I do want to go back and read Cade because I’m intrigued about his and Anna’s courtship and obstacles. So, all-in-all, I liked the story after the first two chapters and definitely enjoyed the steamy bits.