The Voyeur - Kay Jaybee

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Mark Parker has a favorite kink. Voyeurism. He has a personal assistant, Anya Grant, and a housekeeper, Clara Hooper who help fulfill 12 of his fantasies which he has written in permanent maker on their backs. But there is more going on than just his 12 fantasies and the women are about to find out what it is and what’s at stake.


This is one hot number. The sex scenes are deliciously creative and just plain blazing. The story flows along fairly smoothly and the characters are well-developed. I didn’t particularly care for Mark, I think because he seemed so emotionless most of the time  and I’m not a big fan of f/f action though I don’t hate it. The ultimate secret Mark is harboring is a bit out there, but suspension of belief helps to make it work. All-in-all this is a hot read that provides plenty of fantasy fodder.