Not Her Type - Kay Jaybee

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


John is Jenny’s regular movie courier. Each Tuesday he brings the new and takes the old. After months of casual chitchat and even a quick cup of coffee, John reveals how he feels at home with someone he hasn’t even hugged. An innocent hug is all it takes to ignite a red hot lust between two opposites.


Oh.Em.Gee! This! This is my favorite story by Kay Jaybee so far. *fans self* Told from Jenny’s POV it’s well-written, smooth flowing, creative and hot. Oh, dear sweet Heaven, is it hot. Jenny and John are almost complete opposites in every way. And yet there is something that draws them together. Not just for hot sex though that is definitely a plus. As they explore their fantasies and feelings each week this story will have you drooling, so be sure to have a bib or better yet a towel handy. Why? Because a towel can be used to wipe moisture from other places besides a chin. Duh. I can see myself revisiting this story on a regular basis. *nods emphatically* Oh, yeah.