Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones

*Book source ~ Library


It’s only been a few weeks since yet another deranged person, place or thing has tried to wipe Grim Reaper Charley Davidson from the face of planet Earth, but she’s hard at work again attempting to solve cases for her PI business, drooling over her sexy soon-to-be-affianced son of Satan AKA Reyes and trying to get her best friend laid by Uncle Ubie. That last one she doesn’t want to think about too closely lest it squick her out.  In addition, she’s working a 30-yr-old cold case, trying to get a client’s soul back, worrying about her dad, finding a missing woman before one of her friends gets iced, figuring out her powers, deciphering a prophecy and juggling her Reaper duties. No worries. This girl has mad skillz. Right?


Six books in and this series is still going strong. I love, love, love Charley & Co. Charley is a delight as always, Reyes is yumminess personified, Cookie is the bestest of best friends and every other character (no matter how minor) has depth and nuance not usually seen in a book let alone a series. The things Charley has to deal with are numerous and yet nothing gets ignored or short-changed. Somehow, she pulls things together though she gets hurt yet again and then does something, several somethings, that implies they will have drastic effect on future books. I do have to say, I’m getting a little tired of certain people telling Charley that she has to learn some of this shit “in her own time/way” because, well, do they know her at all?!


My curiosity is off the charts for what is coming because I know it will be big. There are many loose threads dangling that I’m itching to pull and yet the big picture is slowly revealing itself. More! Must have more! Thank the Book Gods there will be another book out this year. *sighs in relief*