Full Moon Over Cedar Hill - Edward Lorn

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Peter Hoskins had a stroke and is paralyzed. Spending the last three years at Cedar Hill Rehab Center has been nothing short of torture for the once active man. He spends his days reflecting on the fact his family has abandoned him to his fate. One evening during his sponge bath a scream cuts across the usual evening noises. The nurse bathing him stops to listen, talking to him as if he can answer. When there are more screams she leaves him and escapes out the window. Not able to move, he reflects on his life while he hears patients and staff being killed all around him. Afraid, yet resigned he faces the monsters that have taken over the night.


Well-written and poignant, this story about a man abandoned by his family due to a health problem will wring at your heart. Peter’s reflections give me an insight into what type of person he is and how mad he is at his family. So why the lower rating? Other than I thought it was just a bit too short with not enough answers, I’m not completely sure why this didn’t jazz me more. Maybe because I didn’t really care for Peter. I don’t know. But it did make my hair stand on end. Anyway, if you like short, well-written, horror stories then give this one a try. 

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/08/showcase-saturday.html