White Night  - Jim Butcher

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Harry Dresden, wizard and PI extraordinaire, discovers that witches in his city of Chicago are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Not just alarming, but suspicious. Digging into the matter Harry finds out the magical community is afraid him now that he’s a Grey Cloak or Warden of the White Council. If someone had only talked to him about the suspicious deaths then lives could have been saved. But digging into the matter doesn’t just involve finding who is responsible. Oh, no. That would be too simple and nothing in Harry’s life is ever simple. Harry needs to figure out the players and the end game fast before more people, himself included, die.


Guest reviewers:

A ~ my 16-yr-old daughter

T ~ my 15-yr-old son

K ~ my 13-yr-old son


This series continues to entertain, but I’m sure that’s no big surprise. The humor, as always, is a big hit and the mystery kept us guessing and involved. We learned more magic and with Harry training Molly we like how he’s becoming more focused and disciplined with his powerhouse talent. Learning about the magical community was interesting since not much has ever been mentioned about the lesser powers in Chicago. Elaine is back in town and we find out what she’s been up to and there are more machinations by the White Court.


Favorite characters are back: Thomas, Murphy, Marcone, Ramirez and, as always, Mouse. Everyone agrees the magical fight towards the end was awesome and Harry’s solutions are always so fun to read. Lasciel is also back and what she does is…unexpected. New baddies are introduced and an unexpected baddie turns up, one we thought was dead. Also, everyone agrees that Harry’s idea of setting up a network for the magical community is a good idea. He doesn’t like being seen as a boogeyman for the paranormal community simply because he has to be a Warden.


Favorite quotes:


“Bring it, Darth Bathrobe!”


“She gave me a hard look. ‘No one likes a wiseass, Harry.’

“Are you kidding? As long as the wiseass is talking to someone else, people love ‘em.”


“There was a sound like a human yawn, and then the skull turned slightly toward me and asked, ‘What’s up, boss?’

‘Evil’s afoot.’

‘Well, sure’, Bob said, ‘because it refuses to learn the metric system. Otherwise it would be up to a meter by now.’”

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