Tentacle Monster Finds a Mate: When a tentacle monster fancies you, no place is safe, especially not the shower. - Alessa Montague

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A tentacle monster has been living in Ada Long’s shower, spying on her for weeks while she washes, lathers, has sex with her boyfriend or pleasures herself. The creature has been taking note of everything this human finds pleasurable since it wants to impregnate her with its seed and in its experience pleasure is more apt to invite more breeding interactions than cruelty.


Fairly well-written and edited this is a hot vignette of tentacle monster porn that takes place in the shower. Not overly graphic, but decently creative. I’m curious to know what happens to Ada next. Will there be a Bred by the Tentacle Monster book to follow?

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/08/monster-porn-monday.html