Treasure Island - Tim Hamilton, Robert Louis Stevenson

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Do I really need to summarize this book? It’s Treasure Island, a classic for Pete’s sake! Ok, ok…Jim Hawkins is a young son of an innkeeper. When a drunken pirate, Billy Bones, comes to stay at the inn he tells Jim many different stories, but he also has Jim keep a weather eye out for a pirate with a wooden leg. Hawkins and Long John Silver end up sailing to an island looking for buried treasure. Much shenanigans ensue.


Ok, I’ve read Treasure Island before. But this is the graphic novel. It does a pretty good job of conveying everything that was in the original book in a short amount of pages. I didn’t particularly care for the artwork though. It seemed sparse and unfinished. But then again, I like a lot of detail and color. If you want a short quick read of Treasure Island then this graphic novel may do the trick.