Cowboys and Aliens - Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

Book source ~ Library


It’s 1873 in Arizona and Zeke and his partner are protecting a caravan trying to reach their destination of Silver City. Attacked by Indians, Zeke rides off to the Fort for help only to find aliens are taking over.


Not a bad graphic novel. Art is ok and story is also ok. As far as being like the movie though, other than having aliens and cowboys it is nothing like the movie. Yes, I saw the movie when it came out. Hello. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford? How could I not. Besides, the kids wanted to see it. We went, we saw, we were entertained. When I saw the graphic novel in the library I decided it was a must read to revisit the movie. Then I read it and was like, huh. Ok. I ended up returning it to the library before I wrote the review and I can’t remember the names of anyone else in it. So, I was slightly entertained by it and then almost completely forgot about it.