Assassin (Ironstone Saga, #0) - Keith McArdle

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Vyder Ironstone is a big highlander, rich and successful at what he does. Did I mention he’s an assassin? Yeah. He’s not someone you want coming after you. When the Prince is abducted and the King hires Vyder to retrieve him he knows this may be the one job that is too much for him. However, he does so love a challenge.


More, more, more. I want more of Vyder Ironstone. I love the world, the writing and most of all, Vyder. He’s fascinating and I am looking forward to continuing with him on his mission. My only complaint is the ending to this short intro. It stopped abruptly, like climbing a hill and finding a 100’ drop as soon as you crest the top. Ending it right before the confrontation or after would have much more acceptable to me, but then abrupt stops are one of my biggest pet peeves. Call me old-fashioned, but every story, no matter how short, should have a beginning, middle and end. Yeah, so not a fan of cliffhangers. Other than that, I loved this tale.