From right-freakin'- now until Friday, August 1st, I'm hosting a Half Off Major Perk Sale! The following Indiegogo Perks will be reduced by 50% for the next five days! If you've eyeballing the top three most expensive perks, now is the time to snatch them up at one helluva steep discount!


$250 Reduced to $150: Signed bookmark, trade paperback versions of CRUELTY: EPISODES ONE - FIVE and A FINAL ACT OF CRUELTY (Signed Limited Editions), and a piece of original artwork featuring Cruelty, signed by the artist, Linton Bowers, and author, Edward Lorn. Only one copy in existence. And your name in the acknowledgment section at the end of the book!


$500 Reduced to $250: Signed bookmark, a signed and personalized hardcover copy of CRUELTY: THE COMPLETE NOVEL (Deluxe Limited Edition) upon its release in the summer of 2015, and a signed copy of the original completed manuscript! And your name in the acknowledgment section at the end of the book.


$1,000 Reduced to $500: Signed bookmark, free Edward Lorn ebooks for life (back catalog and future releases), CRUELTY: A COMPLETE NOVEL (Signed Deluxe Edition in Hardcover), both trade paperbacks, early access to A FINAL ACT OF CRUELTY (you will be allowed to read the book two weeks before release), and your very own Edward Lorn short story. Pitch me your best idea and characters, and I'll do all the rest. The final version will be formatted and sent to you in electronic and audio book editions!


If we reach our goal before August 1st, I have a very special treat for everyone who helped to make that milestone happen. 


To everyone who's already donated, I extend my deepest heartfelt appreciation. You're all amazing people, and I'm glad to know each and every one of you. 


Thank you,





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