Too all of my bookish friends out there in BookLikesLand! 


I have found myself with an Amazon gift balance that is substantial enough to buy 30 99¢ (plus tax) books, one for every day in the month of September. So I had a lightbulb appear over my head and, while it scared the crap out of me, I decided it was a pretty good idea. Ask for recs from my friends and I would purchase said books (assuming they pique my interest), read and mini review them in Sept. Yes, September because I will need time to read all those books.


So...I'm looking for book recs and here are the 'rules':


1. must be available on Amazon

2. must be 99¢

3. while I read just about everything, keep in mind that I have recently moved away from Contemporary and YA. Not to say I wouldn't read those genres if I'm interested, but lately I haven't been unless it's a cross-genre (for instance, YA Dystopian).

4. post your recs in the comments


Here's your chance to pimp an author you love or if you are an author then pimp your own book. I'm giving pimping free reign here! Free Love All Around! Pimp it! Pump it! Hump it! This is an STD-free Zone. Just remember: No means No. Play by the Rules or suffer My Punishment. I have a flogger and I'm not afraid to use it. *winks*