Fat Vampire (Volume 1) - Johnny B. Truant

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Reginald Baskin is an overweight treadmill company office worker who spends his days trapped in cubicle hell. Working with a bunch of jerks who think it’s fun to bully the fat guy, Reginald just wants to get through his days with a minimum of whoopee cushions and fat jokes. There are a few others who are like him, the ones who are outside the clique of fit and snobby employees and there’s one young-looking Goth IT guy who wears a sword on his belt and works nights that Reginald is sort of fascinated with and he’s not sure why. One morning when their paths cross Reginald says, “Hey” and Maurice says, “Hey” in return. This simple hello eventually progresses to a guys evening out for some bowling, but before they can have some fun some of Maurice’s buddies show up and Reginald’s life changes forever. Who knew vampires were real? And that they don’t get all beautiful and sparkly when they become one? Reginald just can’t catch a break. Or can he?


The writing is smooth and easy to fall into. I devoured it any chance I had to sit down and pick it up. The plot is excellent. Poor Reginald. I love this guy. He’s 350 lbs and works for a company that sells exercise equipment. To top it off he has some really asshat co-workers though there are a few others in this story who are great characters. This book brought many of my emotions to the table. Anger at the asshats, frustration that Reginald put up with them, humor at a lot of his thoughts and then at some of his vampire situations, despair, pity, annoyance, surprise, more anger and hopelessness before finally busting out in hope and pride. Reginald rocks! I can’t wait to read more about his adventures as a vampire.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2014/06/fat-vampire.html