Cruelty: Episode Five - Edward Lorn

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Forgiveness went for a stroll in Episode Four and hasn’t gone home yet. Oh, no he hasn’t. Instead he meets up with Markum, Holden and Nell Morgan and they don’t know what the hell he is. For that matter, neither do I. I just want to run fast as fast can be, so he never catches me.


Twon & Ollie are up to bad shenanigans at Kerr County Medical Center and now they have Will and Kirk. Man, I hate that fucker Twon. I want him to die, be resurrected, so he can die again. And what the hell is up with Momma? Because she sure as shit knows something we don’t.


Innis, oh Innis. I can’t even…nope, not going there.


Cruelty is bad, bad, bad. *sing song* Cruelty is gonna be in trouble and I can’t wait to see it get punished. Assuming…nope. *zips lips* Not gonna give any spoilers.