Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher

*Book source ~ Local library


Due to the War the ranks of the Wardens are stretched thin, so the White Council has been forced to hand Harry a grey cloak. Horror of horrors! Wait, that’s not all the horror in town. SplatterCon!!! is in Chicago and there’s trouble at the horror convention that seems to revolve around Michael Carpenter’s oldest daughter, Molly. Tasked by the Council to investigate dark magic in his town, Molly’s plea for help with her boyfriend’s arrest at SplatterCon!!! and imminent war between the fairy courts, Harry is feeling pulled in too many directions. Will he be able to fulfill his duties as Warden and friend without getting himself or anyone else killed?


My Guest Reviewers:


A ~ my 16-yr-old daughter

T ~ my 14-yr-old son

K ~ my 13-yr-old son


Is it a surprise if I say that we still love this series? Probably not. :D This time the trouble revolves around black magic and its use in Chicago. One of the jobs a Warden must do is track down users of black magic called warlocks and execute them even if they are kids who didn’t know any better. Harry loathes this part of his job and we can understand why. We don’t like it either even though it’s usually something that needs done because the kids are too far gone to be saved. It still sucks. Anyway, the mystery kept us guessing and the phobophages were pretty cool. Everyone liked the description of Arctis Tor, Harry’s replica of Chicago that he calls Little Chicago and A wants to know why Molly doesn’t have the same problem with electronics that Harry does. Hmmm…good question! Everyone also agrees that Charity is one badass and they like her better after this book than they did before. And even though it was hot in this book, T said Harry should always wear his duster. He loves the duster.


Favorite moments:


Everyone liked the ending with the Council and Harry’s conversation afterwards with Michael.

Also, the entire scene in Arctis Tor.

A said any scene with Michael in it is a good one. Hmmm…someone has a book crush.


Each book it gets harder and harder to pick a favorite, so…

Favorite quotes:


“A bolt of warmth, fierce with joy and pride and gratitude, flashed through me like sudden lightning. I don’t care whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching-they are your family. And they were my heroes.”



“Molly was arrested. Possession.”

I blinked at him. “She was possessed?”


“Murphy, you rock! Go Team Dresden!”

“Hey, I’m the one who rocks…Go Team Murphy.”