Inquisitor - RJ Blain

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


In order to do a friend/client a favor Allison goes to NYC against her better instincts and that’s when the caca hits the fan. It’s Halloween and there’s a full moon. You see, Allison is not just a mild-mannered accountant. She is a werewolf, a rogue werewolf at that. But that’s not her only secret. In order to protect her secrets she has to ditch Allison and become someone else. Luckily, she’s had plenty of practice at that over the years. However, her troubles are only just beginning and she needs to unearth the enemy before the enemy gets their slimy hands on her. Because they don’t want her dead. They want her very much alive. And when an enemy wants you alive, it can’t be a good thing.


This is an interesting take on the world of the paranormal. Werewolves and their origins are a bit different in this tale. The need to stay ahead of the enemy creates suspense, but I had some problems with the execution of the story. It’s a bit choppy in spots leaving holes and there were so many twists and turns that I had a hard time keeping up. Her secrets are interesting and creative. But I felt that her age was insignificant. Everyone in the story thought she was so old and I was left thinking that 170 yrs was not very impressive at all. Maybe a zero was edited out. 1700 yrs would have been much more impressive and made more sense in regards to some things that were talked about. Even though the story didn’t feel fleshed out well enough, for the most part I did enjoy Allison/Victoria’s story and I liked how she was a take charge kind of person. I especially liked when she was a wolf. I’m wondering if the author is planning on making this a series or if this is a standalone novel.