See You in Hell (Mel Goes to Hell) - Demelza Carlton

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Raphael’s resources are stretched to the limit and he’s had to call in Melody ‘Mel” Angel to apply for a job at HELL (Health, Environment, Life & Lands) Corporation where she can observe, gather intel and see if she can spot Lucifer himself. The corporation is run by CEO Luce Iblis and Mel has her job cut out for her avoiding the hot CEO’s indecent propositions, keeping an eye on the demons and actually getting her work done. But Mel is no ordinary angel and HELL has no idea who they’ve hired.


After reading Welcome to Hell I knew I would be in for a fun romp with angels and demons in this longer story. The writing style is a little different than the usual, but not bad and humor is sprinkled quite liberally throughout. I’ve never worked for a large corporation, but my hubby does and I can just picture some of the things that Mel has to handle in the course of just everyday business, the stuff that has nothing to do with Hell or demons. Lucifer is certainly not what I expected and who knew angels could have sex?! Or tattoos and piercings? With no repercussions! Huh. Anyway, Mel was driving me nuts, wondering why she was so confident she would be fine amongst her enemy. What kind of angel is she anyway? The ending was a surprise and I’m wondering where this story is heading. Wherever it goes, I’ll be happy to tag along for a bit of afternoon delight.