Underdead with a Vengeance - Liz Jasper

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Thanks to Will, the hot vampire who has bitten her twice now, Jo Gartner is stuck between two worlds, human and vampire. When he bit her the second time she defended herself with a pencil to his heart and killed him. Or did she? She thought he was dead, but what’s up with the too real dreams about him? In addition, his vampires are trying to lure her out at night, so she has those guys to deal with and during the day she’s trying to stuff science knowledge into the 7th graders she teaches. Then to top off everything hot vampire hunter Gavin is back and Jo would love to date (or other things) him, but he’s a bit too untrusting when it comes to her vampireness. Can’t a girl/almost vampire catch a break?


This is a great light vampire series to read when you just want some paranormal entertainment. Sure Jo gets into some hairy situations, but for the most part this book will make you smile. It helps that hot Gavin is back and though I think he’s being a bit of a dick about Jo’s vampire thing (it’s not like she had a choice in the matter), I am really enjoying their interactions. The hot scenes were plenty steamy without needing to be explicit and while I love me some hot juicy steaminess, I think the cleaner version works here allowing the story to focus more on what Jo is dealing with rather than the hot sex.


The story is definitely moving forward and getting more complicated. I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on and where this is heading and I mean that in a good way. Plus, I now totally understand the squirt gun on the cover. I’m looking forward to Jo’s next installment.

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