The Preacher (Angry Edenites) (Volume 1) - David J. Rollins

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


A preacher named Requiem is disliked by his new church in Wonderville. For six months they’ve been trying to kill him. They haven’t succeeded and he doesn’t want to leave. He figures he just needs to prove himself until the day Dangit the Deacon comes to him and tells him to leave or Dangit will have to kill him. In the course of the conversation the preacher finally learns that the congregation doesn’t like him because of his unusually large Adam’s apple. He decides to give them what they want. He leaves. But in leaving he discovers a new purpose when he hooks up with the Broken Throated Advocators. Now, he just needs to find Eden.


Rollins is the master of goofy stories. Everyone has a weird name and the situations are even weirder. But there is a bit of a message here amongst the goofiness. Requiem is rejected because of the way he looks and for no other reason. How shallow can people get? Ok, I get that he has an Adam’s apple the shape of something a boy has but a girl doesn’t (I don’t even want to imagine that), making it hard to concentrate on his sermons, but still…shallow much? Anyway, the story ends after Requiem meets the Broken Throated Advocators and he believes he is given a mission to find Eden. I’m curious enough to follow Requiem in his quest as long as there aren’t any coconuts, unladen swallows or killer rabbits involved.