Blood Rites  - Jim Butcher

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Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only wizard and a private investigator, agrees to take a job recommended to him by White Court vampire Thomas Wraith. Arturo Genosa, film producer, appears to be targeted by an entropy curse and Thomas would like for Harry to protect Arturo & the people on the set and find out who is behind the curse. Since Thomas had helped Harry rescue a litter of TibetianTemple puppies from a pretty dicey situation, Harry agrees to look into it. Little did he know he would end up with a puppy, working on the set of a porn film and getting in the middle of White Court vampire politics. Some days he really shouldn’t leave his apartment.


Guest reviewers:

A ~ my 16-yr-old daughter

T ~ my 14-yr-old son

K ~ my 13-yr-old son


I think, by far, the most favorite addition to the growing cast in the Dresden Universe is Mouse the puppy. Everyone loves him. There’s news about Thomas that was a surprise, but everyone cautiously likes, Ebenezer and Kincaid are back and still favorites though Kincaid is a mystery that needs solving and Anna particularly liked meeting Murphy’s family though no one liked her sister. They thought it was interesting to see Thomas’s Hunger and the whole bit in the picture gallery was a big surprise.


The fight with the Black Court vampires was a hit and we thought the part where Murphy had to take her pants off was funny. It really is. You’ll see. A & T did not like what happened to Harry during the fight (his injury), but K did. When asked why his reply was: “It looks cool and I know what happens in future books.” Well, ok then. :D


Favorite moments:

A ~ meeting Mouse or any part with Kincaid in it. (Hmmm…)

T ~ the conclusions to any and all fights

K ~ when Trixie died because she was really annoying


Favorite quotes has a tie:

“Everyone stopped to blink at that for a second. I mean, come on. Impaled by a guided frozen turkey missile. Even by the standards of the quasi-immortal creatures of the night, that ain’t something you see twice. “For my next trick," I panted into the startled silence, ‘anvils.”


“An errand is getting a tank of gas or picking up a carton of milk or something. It is not getting chased by flying purple pyromaniac gorillas hurling incendiary poo!” ~ Thomas