Womb of the New World - Mira Noire

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It’s been centuries since the war between cyborgs and humans, a war that forced humans underground. Imogenne and her people survive fairly well, coming out for occasional night raids looking for supplemental food and avoiding the Wroks. On the verge of being married off to a man she doesn’t love, Imogenne is restless. She’s not like the other women. She has strange erotic dreams and her sexual appetite is large. She doesn’t understand what is so different about her until the night she is captured in a Wrok raid. Wroks, a mixture of biological and mechanical, have been stealing women in the hopes of finding some to mate with and have children. So far all of the women who mate with a Wrok go insane from the mating. Yoevin, leader of the Wroks, is growing desperate to save his people from extinction. He knows there are certain women out there who can mate with a Wrok and not go insane, but he’s losing hope of finding them. Until he captures Imogenne. She is different, but is she different enough to make his own?


A dark and yummy dystopian erotica. What a combination, but it works! Imogenne is the result of a few centuries of evolution. She is just what the Wroks need to have children. But Yoevin is torn. He needs her to mate with all the available Wroks for the best chance to produce a child, but he wants her, needs her only for himself. Disregarding protocol he treats Imogenne differently from all the other women they have captured.


Imogenne isn’t a bad character, but I felt that Yoevin was more fully developed. I could really feel his struggle to do what was best for his people as a leader and what he selfishly wanted to do for himself. His appearance is frightening, but the pheromones and Imogenne’s own sexual appetite work to bring these two together. And the steamy scenes? Wowzers! This story isn’t going to be for everyone even if you like erotica. It’s dark, there’s captive sex, the guy is far from human looking and the sex is brutal at times. But there’s something else, too. The beginnings of love and hope for a new world.

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