Yes, Sir - Ellis Carrington

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Grayson Harper is on a long overdue vacation in New Orleans with his two best friends, Jerry and Cornelia. When Cornelia is laid low with a migraine, Jerry drags Gray to a voodoo priestess for a love spell. Gray thinks it’s a waste of time, but Jerry persists until Gray gives in. However, after the visit to the so-called priestess he starts having the most vivid dreams where he submits to a yummy Dominant man. What.The.Hell?!


Oh. My. This is one delicious short story. Gray is used to being in charge. He works all the time building his business into the success it is today, but his love life sucks. When he needs to scratch the itch he hooks up with his ex, but he has no time for a relationship. The love spell introduces Gray to a Dominant man who comes to him in his dreams and each night’s dream is even better than the one before. The dreams are so real he has marks on his body when he wakes up. He wants, needs, must find the man who comes to him in his sleep and introduces him to a side he never knew he had. I love, love, love the ending. What? You think I’m going to tell you what happens? Ha!