The Piano Tutor - A Spicy Regency Short Story - Anthea Lawson

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The Viscountess Merrowstone, Lady Diana Waverly is just coming out of mourning when her stepdaughter’s piano tutor, Mr. Bent, is called away and a new tutor, Mr. Nicholas Jameson, is recommended to her. Much younger and quite a bit more handsome than Mr. Bent he makes Diana’s heart flutter like it has never done before. In addition, he plays like a dream and her stepdaughter Samantha likes him. So, even though he makes her think of things no lady should think of she hires him as the piano tutor for her Samantha and even considers taking lessons herself. But the looks he’s giving her added to her own naughty thoughts have her believing he might teach her more than the piano. She’s always been so proper. Dare she risk making her desire known to him?


Very well-written this short story is a wonderful quick snack. Diana is a lovely character and Nicholas nearly sets the pages on fire. Well, this is an ebook, but if I had pages they’d be red hot. He’s so yummy! I like the twist at the end, too. Lawson is a new-to-me author, but I’ll be looking into more of her books.