Zakia and the Cowboy (Thunder Creek Ranch) - Lorraine Nelson

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Zakia has a nasty stalker and he’s escalating things. Fearing for her and her twins’ lives she and her best friend Sam plan her escape. Telling no one where she’s heading she goes back to the ranch of her ex-husband, Luke. Unsure of her welcome she hopes he’ll at least protect their boys, but Luke has never stopped loving her and, despite their past, he can’t turn her or his sons away. Will they be safe or will the stalker catch up to them? And will Zakia and Luke be able to let the past go in order to make a new life together as a family?


Not a bad romance with a scary stalker plot, but I found the writing a tad stilted and the dialogue at times was painful. I did find it hard to believe that the stalker could get in and out of Zakia’s house unnoticed or tripping the alarms. What about security cameras? Motion sensors? She has a rich family, so why couldn’t they install some spyware? The guy stalking her wasn’t a super spy, so it shouldn’t have been hard to catch him even with his sneaky ways. So the plot was a bit implausible and yet the underlying story wasn’t bad. The twins were cute and Luke was hunky. Secondary characters were ok also and it seems there will be a romance between Zakia’s best friend Samantha and Luke’s friend Blake. Not sure I’ll continue with the series though.