Summoned - Rainy Kaye

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Dimitri Hayes is not your typical 23-year-old guy. Sure, he likes beer, porn and sex, but he can’t have a relationship because he’s at the beck and call of his Master, Karl Walker. Dimitri is a jinn and his family have been in service to Karl’s family for centuries. For eight years Dimitri has been doing Karl’s dirty work; robbery, kidnapping, murder. He may not like it, but it’s a familiar routine. Do a wish and then get some time off.


After he kidnaps a kid for Karl, he meets Syd and there’s something about her he can’t shake. He absolutely can’t do a relationship, but for the first time he’s thinking about it. Just as he believes he might be able to pull it off, Karl starts sending him on back-to-back wishes and Dimitri’s life goes to crap. And it only gets worse from there.


I’ve only read one story where the jinn are mentioned. This is my first book with a jinn as a main character. What an interesting story! Poor Dimitri is stuck in servitude to a real a-hole. Syd is quirky and a bit annoying, but overall a good match for Dimitri who is funny and a bit of a smart ass. The background of what he can and can’t do is interesting and I thought it was pretty funny that Dimitri is not some superhero dude with special powers. He actually is pretty bad at being a criminal though he always gets the job done. He has to or he suffers. Another interesting aspect of his genie-hood. The ending was great, too. There is one part there toward the end that seemed like it was dragging on and on, so that’s why I took off a half bite. Otherwise, this is a funny yet dark mystery revolving around a smart ass jinn, his hot woman and his asshole Master.