That Way Lies Madness - James R. Tuck

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


There are two stories in this book. The first is a sci-fi space horror story and the second is a zombie short.


That Way Lies Madness


Deep space.  What is out there could be wonderful and it could be scary as hell. Me, I’m not going where there’s no ready supply of oxygen and I don’t have to rely on mechanicals to provide it. See me walking around on Earth? Breathing freely? Yeah. And look. No strange extraterrestrials either. ETs that I have no idea what their agenda is. Enough said.


He Stopped Loving Her Today


This zombie story made me sad and it also made me want to kick the guy’s ass. Why torture yourself? And why do what he finally did? I guess I don’t know enough of what his world is like after the zombie apocalypse to understand his decision.