Morgan's Diary, Tales of a Mortician's Artist - Lori Meckley



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Morgan Paris is a Mortician’s Artist starting her first job at the Maxwell J. Delaware Funeral Home in New Orleans. Run by Jason Delaware and his wife Mercedes the funeral home is being used for something other than funerals.  In addition to some dark and shady shenanigans going on after hours, Jason is obsessed with his new employee and Morgan feels the same about him, but his wife is a major problem. In addition, their hearse driver and all-around jack-of-all trades, Jared Walker is acting very creepy and not at all appropriate. While trying to fight their attraction to each other and keep it from Mercedes, Morgan is also trying to figure out what is going on when corpses start to go missing and then turn up again. Who in the funeral home is disrespecting the dead? And will her snooping get Morgan killed?


I can honestly say I’ve never read a story about a Mortician’s Artist. I never gave much thought to what goes on behind the scenes at a funeral home, but it’s pretty fascinating finding out all the details. The mystery surrounding the disappearing and reappearing bodies is a good one and very creepy. Mercedes is a witch of the first order (and a whackadoodle) and Jared is a nut bunny. Morgan is interesting and her character is very in-depth. Jason is ok, but I didn’t like his cat and mouse game with Morgan. Especially since he was married. The way he treated Morgan just rubbed me the wrong way. If I had fur it would be standing on end in displeasure. Overall though this is an appealing read with a slightly unconventional romance and a disturbing mystery to solve.