HOPE FOR THE WICKED is often called my most disturbing book. Though it is horrific at times, I consider it more of a modern day noir. At times darkly comic and introspective, the first book in the Larry Laughlin series seems to stay with people the longest out of all my other stories. Here's what reviewers have said:


"HOPE FOR THE WICKED features perhaps the best and most horrifying use of a puppet since Punch met Judy." - Stephen Kozeniewski, author of Braineater Jones
"Sitting bolt upright in bed while reading because a relaxed state was just not possible during this daring and gut-wrenching novella." Literary Musings

"... a cast of characters that will have you talking out loud!" Reading Renee

"You'll also experience all their emotions - love, lust, disgust, rage, fear, agony, and loss - as you follow them deeper into their wickedness." The Chaotic Reader

"... offbeat, humorous, and darkly wacky. The conversations snap, crackle and pop." Laurie's Non-paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

"... kept me on the edge of my seat..." Big Al's Books & Pals

"... Dark, malefic, twisted, and often gross. I was awake trying to avoid nightmares the entire night after I finished reading it. Once you see it, you can not unsee it, and once you read it, you will see it." Marie Reads and Reviews

"Well-written with a tight fast plot and well-developed characters..." I'm a Voracious Reader


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