Raising Chaos - Elizabeth  Corrigan

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Bedlam, the demon of Chaos, has discovered a dastardly plot against his only friend in the world, Khet the Oracle. Azrael has escaped the Abyss and is still a tad peeved that she has been forbidden by Lucifer to collect on an exchange with Khet. So, she decides to get her grubby little demon hands on the Spear of Destiny, the only weapon powerful enough to kill angels, demons and one mortal granted immortality…Khet. Bedlam has to stop Azrael or lose the one person in the whole Universe who loves him. However, Bedlam isn’t exactly known for his powers of concentration. He’s the demon of Chaos, after all. Will he be able to focus long enough to get the job done or is Khet doomed to die?


Ahhhhh! How I love Bedlam. As a character in a book I adore him. As a friend in real life he would drive me totally bonkers. I also love the relationship that Khet and Bedlam share. It’s nice to see such a strong love (though technically Bedlam can’t love Khet) between a man and a woman that doesn’t involve sex.  You know what else I love about this book? Ok, there’s a few things, so why don’t I just list them.


  1. Bedlam
  2. Khet & Bedlam’s relationship
  3. the alternating POVs
  4. Bedlam’s journey to find the Spear
  5. Khet’s attempt, yet again, to help humans
  6. Lucifer
  7. the ending
  8. the humor


Ok, there ya go. I love, love, love the humor especially when it involves Bedlam which is most of the humor in the book. The ending was a complete surprise considering what Bedlam learned about himself on his scavenger hunt to find the Spear. The alternating POVs helped to keep things together in the overall picture. What didn’t I like? Siren. What a whiny self-centered bitch that angel is. Wow. Who knew angels could be worse than reality tv? Keziel is another one that I don’t like and what is up with Michael? That dude has some serious issues though he has a really cool sword.


So, to sum it all up…this is a well-written fast-moving story with a great plot and excellent characters sprinkled with a healthy serving of humor. If you haven’t read this series then what are you waiting for?! 

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