Bite Me - Shelly Laurenston



*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Livy Kowalski is a honey badger shifter. There’s not much that can kill her and there’s nothing she fears. Except losing her photography mojo and that’s what seems to be happening to her. And it’s making her cranky. No one wants a honey badger to be cranky, but when her father’s death raises questions and demands revenge, Livy is going to get the job done. Even if Vic Barinov insists on checking in with her, worrying about her and falling in love with her. Love. Livy may have found one more thing that she fears. But Vic, the grizzly bear/Siberian tiger hybrid, has no intention of letting her go, so she best get used to the idea.


Another great addition to the Pride series. Livy is a scary heroine and though she’s physically pretty much indestructible, she’s vulnerable when it comes to Vic. Speaking of Vic, he’s a great character! He identifies mostly with his bear side so he has a lot of patience, he loves honey and he’d do anything to protect Livy though she doesn’t really need protecting. It’s the thought that counts though, right? And his hybrid form? Oh Em Gee! LOL


There are many familiar and favorite characters in this installment and the underlying storyline about who killed Livy’s dad was a good one. While I enjoyed the book very much I felt the romance between Livy and Vic was a bit sparse. Though they are very different from your normal everyday run-of-the-mill two-people-falling-in-love characters, so the offbeat way the relationship proceeded was most likely the best way to go about it. And let’s not forget the humor. How I love the humor in this series! The Pride books are on my Go To List for laughs and shenanigans. I am curious as to how much farther this series will go, but however long that is, I’ll always be ready for another chortle-fest.