Born in Blood - Alexandra Ivy

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Sergeant Duncan O’Connor is a KansaCity cop investigating the death of an exotic dancer who is missing her heart. The unusual circumstances of her death mean that a Necromancer is called from Valhalla to help with the investigation. Though Callie Brown prefers to be called a Diviner. If she can get to a body before the spark is gone then she can see the person’s final moments. It’s in those moments that Callie may be able to pinpoint a murderer. However, this case is much different. The dancer’s spark disappears before Callie can get a look at her murderer, but an unusual man remains. A dangerous man. And he shouldn’t be there. Duncan and Callie, along with her Sentinel (bodyguard) Fane, go to Valhalla to talk with the Mave. There’s something very wrong brewing on the horizon and they’re pretty sure the dancer’s death is only the beginning.


After reading the short story Out of Control (The Sentinels, #0.5) in the anthology Predatory I’ve wanted to read more about the Sentinels and Valhalla. This story does not disappoint! While I found Duncan to be a bit overbearing, horn doggish and a tad conceited for my tastes, he’s actually a pretty good guy deep down. Callie is a wonderful heroine, strong and yet vulnerable, but best of all, no pushover when it comes to Duncan. Excellent! There are other great characters who make an appearance, but Fane…oh, my, Fane. He is one hot dude and I can’t wait for his story! *fans self*


The world in this book is so interesting! Even the villain and his back story were interesting. There is a lot of information and world-building going on yet it doesn’t bog the story down one bit. I’m hooked. I love this slightly different take on the paranormal and I’m really looking forward to continuing with this series.