Burn For Me - Cynthia Eden

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Eve Bradley is a reporter undercover trying to expose Dr. Richard Wyatt and his Project Genesis as the true evil that they are when she encounters Subject Thirteen, Cain O’Connor. The world knows about the paranormal creatures that inhabit their world, but the paranormals try to stay out of the limelight. Dr. Wyatt says that his subjects are volunteers and while that may be true for some of them, the majority are captives for his torturous experiments, experiments he conducts in an effort to create the perfect soldier, the perfect weapon, an unstoppable killing machine. And while he doesn’t know exactly what Cain is Wyatt thinks he’s found it in the man who doesn’t die. But Cain has no intention of sticking around much longer. His beast is growing stronger and now Eve is involved in trying to help him get out. However, Wyatt won’t want to lose his prize and with the might of the government backing him, Eve and Cain will have to run fast and far. Who will win in the end?


Cynthia Eden is one of my favorite authors. When I pick up a book by her I’m 99.99% guaranteed I’m going to be entertained. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll not want to put the book down. This book lives up to my expectations for an Eden book.


This new series starts off flaming hot. Cain, oh, Cain. *fans self* What a hottie! Literally! Cain is a shifter I’ve not yet seen in a book and he’s very unusual. I loved his battle with his beast, learning the parameters of his existence and his fight to keep yet push away Eve. Eve is no pushover and I like a strong heroine. She has a mysterious past that is revealed slowly throughout the book and I have to say I love the end result. These two were meant to be together and the steamy scenes were beyond sizzling. There are a few characters introduced that I look forward to seeing though I wasn’t quite enamored with Ryder the vampire. I’ll reserve judgment on him until I read Once Bitten, Twice Burned coming out April 29th of this year. 

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