Broken Halo - Zoey Marcel



*Book source ~ Many thanks to Pink Flamingo for providing a review copy in exchange for providing an honest review.


Sonya is a Guardian Angel and Nimbus is a Fallen and an incubus. When they were both angels Sonya considered Nimbus her best friend. When he joined Lucifer she was devastated. Thousands of years have gone by since his fall and still she loves him even though he’s a demon and has done evil. When Nimbus arranges her fall, she fights against him even though she craves to give into him. It’s easy to fight an enemy. Not so easy to fight yourself or the one you love.


This is a wonderfully written paranormal erotica story. The emotional roller coaster that Sonya rides is fascinating to watch and while Nimbus is a demon filled to the brim with evil he has a soft spot for Sonya the size of the Universe. The BDSM scenes are varied and at times brutal for those who prefer lighter erotica yet they are still wonderfully written.


The reason that I gave this only 3.5 is because I’m coming to realize that submissive stories told from the sub’s POV aren’t really my favorite. I am not a submissive in any way. I much prefer reading from the Dominant’s POV and though this story does switch between Sonya and Nimbus, the majority is told from Sonya’s POV. Plus, Sonya’s constant vacillating between submitting and running away started to get on my nerves. I am curious as to where this series is headed since the ending took me by surprise. What is Sonya going to do next and how will she fare in her new role?