Emblazed - Connie L. Smith

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


It’s Go Time! The war for all humanity has begun and Nicholai’s army of teenage Essenced is as ready as they’ll ever be to fight the demons coming through the Division. The ultimate question of whether they have a hope in Hades of saving the world is about to be answered.


The first battle is upon them and Smith did a great job with the fighting scenes. They weren’t overly long and they weren’t too skimpy. Plus the multiple POVs gave me a good idea of what was going on all over the battlefield. The aftermath of the battle is definitely a focal point of the book. How they handled the fighting, the grief at the losses, the tracking of the escaped demons and various other missions as well as facing the hard truth about what it means to be fighting a war. They know this is only the first battle and there are more to come. Will the reality of it all break them? Or make them more determined than ever?


This book begins with a battle and ends with a battle, but the ending is also a cliffhanger. Cliffhangers are not something I like. Yes, the first book ended just as the battle was about to begin, so that wasn’t truly a cliffhanger, in my opinion. However, what happened at the end of this book leaves me hanging, so I took some points off for that. AJ & Julius are settling down and except for one massive dumbass selfish move on their part, I’m actually liking them better now. I loved learning more about the various characters and the plot is all coming together. I’m really looking forward to the next book.

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