Vampire for Christmas - Felicity Heaton

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Shannon is a demon hunter and Rafe is her partner. Only he isn’t just her partner. He’s a vampire and she hates vampires. But for two years she’s had to work side-by-side with him because the agency said she had to. Now, after one last mission she’ll be free to go. She’ll finally be free of her vampire partner, a reminder of everything she lost. But is she really ready to go? And will Rafe let her walk away without telling her how he feels about her?


An excellent short story about two broken people falling in love. So what if one’s a vampire and the other has been traumatized by one? I love great characters who can overcome difficulties to find their HEA and still manage to work together to do their jobs. Because that gross slimy snot demon is not going to sit around twiddling his um, thumbs(?) while they work out their feelings.