Minor Indiscretions - Barbara Metzger

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Melody Ashton is on her way home to The Oaks after 10 years at the Select Academy for Young Ladies where she learned the many things a Lady needs to know to operate in proper society as well as how to curb her redheaded temper. She has completed her education, is so very glad to putting the Academy behind her and has dreams of her coming out in London.  However, when she gets home she finds things are not exactly what she was led to believe or expected. When Lord Coe comes knocking accusing her mother of blackmail things are even worse than she knew. How will she ever get to the bottom of the blackmail, get the estate back on its feet, take care of the orphans in her charge and deal with her unmistakable attraction to the rich, handsome mischievous viscount? Well, the viscount has plans of his own and he rarely loses.


Poor Melody! She’s been led to believe for 10 years that when she was done at the awful school she would have her grand season in London. How wrong things turn out to be, but she makes the best of it. Even when Lord Coe comes knocking and things couldn’t possibly look worse for her family she holds her head up and stiffens her backbone. This story starts out with miscommunication and misunderstandings, but it slowly resolves itself with humor, wacky but fun characters and a romance to sigh over. Another fun read by Barbara Metzger!

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